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Canalcomunica is the reference website for critical analysis of media content, whether it be news, campaigns, shows or actions.

Analyze, learn
and comment


We provide guidelines to help analyze those contents, and the chance of commenting on them in an intelligent and reflexive manner.

Read and spread  
the conclusions


We facilitate and enrich the
dialogue for a month. After that, we spread conclusions to the
public opinion.

What is Canalcomunica?

Canalcomunica is the reference website for critical analysis of media content in Spain. We are hoping to facilitate the dialogue between production companies and broadcasters with their publics, about any content that has had significant social impact (news, shows, campaigns...). This is the 4-minute explanation of how we do it, in the voices of:


Federico Mayor Zaragozapresident of Fundación Cultura y Paz , Elisabeth Anglarill, director of cultural content and participation of RTVEJosé María Batalla, 1000 friends agency director, David Torrejón, editorial director of Anuncios-Publicaciones ProfesionalesFredrik Johnsson, board advisor in Creative HotHouseJosé María Piera, vicepresident of SCPF, Joan Ferrés, professor of audiovisual comunication in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Magda Blanes, professor in Escola Cervantes, Carmen Echazarreta, professor of audiovisual communication in Universitat de Girona.


Canalcomunica is the meeting point
for media, brands and society

Talk to the publics
and broadcasters


We facilitate the participation of brands, media companies, collectives, universities, schools, non-for-profit organisations, institutions and any interested individual.

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